Jason from Alaska (@Bulldogjku) – 2015 JKU Sport

Ever wonder what your Jeep needs to survive the Alaskan wilderness?  Here is a list of mods for Jason’s Alaska-ready JKU:

Swapped out both axle assemblies has g2 core 44 35 spline axle shafts, with ARB lockers. Poison spyder fenders flares and inner fenders.  PSC big bore steering gear box with PSC high volume reservoir and high pressure power steering pump.  Wildboar fastback top, gen right rear tire carrier, AEV snorkel, rubicon Express long arm kit, synergy tie rod and drag link, Currie anti rock sway bar, king shocks with reservoir, king air bump stops.  Iron cross front bumper with 9500 super winch, running vision x headlight and fog lights. Jeep is sitting on 17″ bead locks with 40″Pro Comp MT 2 tires.

And for good measure, a before and after:


Kevin in Oklahoma – 2015 JK Sport (aka Squatch)

This is my 2015 JK sport aka Squatch. My ORC back in AL the Woodlands Warblers gave me that nickname. I bought it new before we moved from Ga to Ok.  My options added were 3.73 gears and AC that’s it. Everything is manual on it and that was how I wanted it.


     My wife of 17 years Kali and I traded our Honda Pilot in on the JK. We like to camp and be outdoors. I have fond memories of wheeling with my dad and wanted to share that with my wife and daughter.
     We are on a budget so I consider each addition carefully. I have 285-75r16 Dick Cepek Mud Countries on my stock wheels, what a great tire. The sliders are JCR classics. We have added Craigslist Teraflex 3in springs and wheel spacers. I have stock shocks with shackle extensions. Before my trip to Durango and Moab we added Rough Country adjustable control arms and track bar.  This is all on a budget but I now have a capable rig.
      My next additions will be a tuner, winch and skid plates. Later down the road will be Detroit lockers, bigger gear and bigger tires.
     My best friend and I just got back from our trip to Moab and Durango. What a great trip, that is where the pics are from with the exception of the stock pic of my family on Mount Scott. Black Bear Pass and Engineer Pass are simply breath taking. In Moab we put Squatch to the test and he performed fantastically. Hope to see you guys out on the trail and keep the shiny side up. Thank you for the interest in my jeep.

Kenny from Massachusetts – 2015 JKU Sport

It’s all about the personal touches. I love my anvil color with black and red accents.  My seat covers are red. I plasti-dipped the Jeep logo, the tow hooks, and a gutter-guard grill insert all red.  I made tie-line grab handles in red and black.  It’s just enough!  Here are my favorite mods and a wish list, in no particular order:

  1. Radio Communications: I have a Midland 75 CB that I love. It runs to a firestik antenna, but can also be removed and powered by a battery pack and stubby antenna.  No frills and plenty of utility.  I mount it on the passenger side grab bar. I also run a Kenwood TM-281a ham radio, mounted over the rear-view mirror.  It’s a little heavy for the bracket (standard compact CB mounting bracket), and it was bouncing a lot on the road. I threw a couple zip ties up there and it’s fine now. The 2m ham antenna is mounted driver side, on a hood mount. I have 3 antennas on this thing, which is absurd but I love it.
  2. RED: As mentioned, most of the accents are red. Seat covers, plastic-dip everything, handles, and probably some things I’m forgetting about.

    All the plastic-dip and lights (and my wife’s Compass)
  3. Auxiliary Lights: I have auxbeam floods and spots mounted on the bumper and windshield, respectively.  The rocker switches are mounted in the commonly used A-pillar switch pod. I love this setup. I barely use them, other than for showing off or flashing my friends in the eyes, but they’re wicked fun.
  4. Bestop TrekTop NX: Even before I owned the Jeep, I knew this was the top I wanted.  The fastback look adds a whole new level to the Jeep.
  5. Lift Kit: I installed a 2.5 inch Teraflex spacer lift, with 1.5 inch wheel spacers as well.  I also got new Teraflex 9550VS shocks, which are awesome.  I got all this done in one weekend, so I’ve been resetting the savings account for a bit.
Getting a little dirty (go Sox!)

Wish List

  1. Tires: I’m still running the stock 32s, and I’m getting close to 50,000 miles. Time for an upgrade.  I’m learning towards the Kumho Road Venture AT 51, in 315/70/17.  It’s a solid, affordable all-terrain tires, and it’s snow rated.  The snow handling is huge here in New England.
  2. Bumper: The stock front bumper is fine, but once the tires get bigger and the body is lifted, it’s time for an aggressive looking bumper too.
  3. Winch: Of course! If you’re going to get a new bumper, it’s likely have a winch plate.  An empty winch plate is dumb. So I’ll just spend all my money again!

And that’s my Jeep. Hope you like it!

Tammie from Tennessee – 2015 JKU (aka Superdog)

Post 2 Pic 1This is our 2015 billet silver JKU Sport. We have had her for about a year and a half so she’s still a baby. She was named Superdog because on our first wheeling trip our dog blossom was on her kurgo line that goes across the back seat. When we went on the first rock she slid out the side and she was hanging by her harness. She wasn’t hurt so it is kind of a funny story. Now our jeep is themed around our dog.  Our jeep is sitting on 20″ fuel pump rims wrapped in 33″ fuel tires with a 4″ green Steinjager powder coated lift and Bilstein shocks. She has 14 rock light underneath, green grill lights, and a green rigid radiance 10″ light bar all connected to rugged ridge a-pillar switches. For armor she has smittybilt xrc front and rear bumpers, rancho diff skids, VKS prerunner sliders, evo evap skid, artec belly pans, and rough country shock and control arm skids. Our winch is a warn vr 10000s with a factor 55 ultra hook. When it’s time to be topless and doorless we have Steinjager grey hammertone trail doors, a green alien sunshade, and bedtred so if it rains there is no carpet to get wet. Shout out to Music City 4×4 in Madison, TN for all our mods and helping us build our dream jeep.
To add some personality to our jeep we got a skeleton dog to put on the back tire. We change her outfits with the season and holidays. You can imagine the amount of stares that gets us! She has wheeled at whooly’s off-road, golden mountain park, windrock park, adventure off-road park, coppinger cove off-road, pumpjack off-road, turkey bay ohv, and Pickett state park. Much more work to go as we grow to love this sport and the jeep community.

image4 (1)image6

Andrew – 1997 Wrangler SE

Blog 1I have a 1997 Jeep Wrangler SE, my first Jeep! This Jeep came at the perfect time in my life. I love being able to create something I am proud of.

Building vehicles is a passion of mine. I have always wanted to be in the Jeep scene, but until Feb of this year, it just hadn’t been possible. Now, I have my Jeep, and I have my end goal for her!

Since purchase, I have upgraded the suspension in the front end to heavy duty parts. I have replaced most of the rear end suspension as well, but with close to OEM spec parts. I have removed the fender flares, keeping that beautiful TJ body line flush front to rear. I have removed (and in the process of selling) the doors! I have upgraded the lighting on the whole vehicle to LED (red cluster) (Circle LED tail lights) (color changing halo headlamps, LED). Removed all carpet interior.

Blog 4

Upcoming projects, I will be installing a Kubota 4clydr Diesel engine, and adding a little bit of gearing to the axles to give a better ride on highways. Also will be going up to a 35″ tire (unknown brand at this time). Also rhino lining the whole body white (minus hood, I like my travel stickers).

This Jeep has become a huge source of happiness for me. I am able to create exactly what I am wanting/needing. That’s the beauty of Jeeps. You may create what you need for a camping rig, a crawler, or overlanding rig. My plan is just a backyard thrown together Jeep that makes me smile when I walk outside. Something that raises questions as to why something is the way it is. Something unique to me and what I need it to do. This is more than just another Jeep to me. This Jeep is my stress relief. It is something I can be buried in all weekend, escaping the regular work life while I work on the next project, or just take it for a road trip to discover somewhere I haven’t been. That’s the beauty of these things! Make em your own! Be proud!

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