Joe’s Jeep – Big Tex JKU

Joe (@BigTexJKU on Instagram) shared his rugged rig with us, and explained how he got into Jeeping. His futile promise not to build it up and spend a ton of money on the Jeep is an all-too-familiar premise for us gearheads. We love Joe’s Jeep and I think you will too! Here’s what Big Tex shared with us.

I wasn’t always a Jeep guy, in fact, I used to love lifted trucks that never touched anything other than pavement! Luckily I changed from my awful ways and bought my 6 speed Jeep stock back in the spring of 2014 after convincing my wife I wouldn’t be spending unnecessary money on it like I did my vehicle prior. Little did I know I’d be driving a completely different rig top to bottom a couple years later.

Since owning the Jeep I’ve added 37″ BFG KO2s, stock wheels to KMC machetes to Mamba Offroad M19s, G2 axle regear to 4.88 gears, Rubicon Express 3.5″ lift kit, Excessive Industries comp series front bumper, rear frame shackle points & hilift jack mount, KC Hilites flex spotlights, Lux led rock lights, 1350 Adams driveshafts front & rear, Rubicon express skid plates, Synergy Mfg. Tie rod, drag link, steering stabilizer & control arms, Power stop Z36 brakes & pads, Garvin industries expedition roof rack, and Black Dog Offroad JKU hardtop.

The real mods didn’t come till after about 2 years owning the Jeep. It turned into a domino effect and I kept finding a reason to buy new parts every few months.

I absolutely LOVE my BDO hardtop and so do my dogs because of the added headroom and sliding windows. I also love my Garvin industries roof rack, which has been put through its paces and surprised me every single time. 

My wishlist is never-ending, but at this moment in time, I’m looking at getting new PRP Seats front & rear, Teraflex tire carrier, and every Black Dog Offroad product that comes out! 

Thanks Joe for sharing your work, and stay dusty out there!

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