The Rattle of Jericho (NH)


We Massachusetts natives are known for our need to drive recklessly and aggressively. There is an applicable nickname to describe out habits. But as a proud Masshole who is also a Jeeper, I’m often conflicted. I ask you this: Ever get that itch to travel at 1 mph for a whole day? You’re going to have to leave the state for that, but Jericho State Park in New Hampshire is for you. The White Mountains of NH are perfect for many things – hiking, kayaking, hunting, and certainly wheeling. Live free or die, baby!

road sign

Chase took his squad up there a few weeks ago and spent an entire day in 4-wheel low. There were some scrapes and bruises along the way, including a fairly busted rear quarter panel, but everyone crawled out in one piece. To our friends at Offroad Elements – don’t worry, the decal is still in tact.

My understanding is the group may have bit off a little more than they could chew, but they survived! Hopefully next time I can get up there with Chase and the boys.

Chase is flying out to Moab next week for the wheeling trip of a lifetime, so be sure to come back and follow the journey!

Chase full body

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