Last Minute Maintenance!

I got a few things taken care of this weekend before winter settles in. Doing anything in the driveway or garage is going to be uncomfortable for the next few months (why do I still live in Massachusetts??), so it was good to get out there on a mild 40 degree day.

My to-do list for regular maintenance has been long, but I’m slowly chipping away. My daughter is turning one in a few days, so she keeps me busy enough!  Here’s a quick run down on the projects I was able to check off the list, as well as what’s next.

Motor Oil: First thing’s first – motor oil change. I really pushed it this time between oil changes, probably about 10k miles. I do use synthetic oil, which allegedly can last a little longer than conventional motor oil. I’ve gone back and forth between Valvoline and Mobile 1, usually whichever one is on sale at the time. The winner was Mobile 1 this week. Since the Jeep takes 6 quarts of oil, I usually buy a big 5-Quart jug and an add-on quart, but there was a deal on the 6-pack of single quarts so I emptied those little suckers into the Jeep. 

Tire Rotation: Full disclosure, this is a partially completed task. I set out to change my brake pads and rotate the tires while I was out there, but I was sadly missing the correct wrench size to complete the brake pads. So yes, I suck, but I’ll take credit for the tires.  I was able to successfully rotate my Kumho Road Venture AT51s, which I love.  For those that don’t know, my cousin Chase and I run JKU and Me together.  We split the cost of some tools to help quench our Jeep obsessions. One of the best purchases we’ve made is a hydraulic jack and stands. This has made tire and brake work a breeze! If you’re interested in full review on the Kumhos, you can check out my post from last year

Fresh Kumho Road Venture AT51s before driving them home

Differential Oil: Ok, last thing. I was due for a gear oil change so I knocked that out in the morning why my daughter was napping. I’ve been doing this twice a year, early summer and early winter, right about when I’d need my 4WD to be in top shape. In my experience, the rear differential takes about 2 quarts and the front takes about 1. I’ve been using Mobile 1 synthetic gear oil, which works fine for me. It’s a little pricey, but I’m only doing it twice a year.

This is why my 4WD needs to be tuned up. Getting stuck this close to the road was…sad.

What’s Next? Well, as I mentioned before, I did not get to the brake pads. I’ll get myself the right wrench, knock myself in the head with it for being an idiot, and complete that soon. Lastly, I need to stock up on some ATF4.  My transfer case needs a fluid change, and I’m quite overdue for a transmission fluid change. Fingers crossed I can get this done or I’ll be plugging the space heater in the garage! 

I hope you’re all tuned up and ready for winter. Anything I’m forgetting? Let me know!

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