Kirstyn from New Hampshire (@nh_jeepgirl) – 2004 Rubicon

Today we’re highlighting the work of New Hampshire’s Kirstyn Bassett (@nh_jeepgirl in Instagram), who has a 2004 Jeep Rubicon. Let’s see what it takes to conquer the Granite State.


Kirstyn is running a 5.5″ Rubicon express long-arm lift kit, on 37 inch Nitto Mud Grapplers (“yuuuge”, if you will).  She has a Teraflex over-the-knuckle, one-ton steering set up.  Legit. Also on the rig are RCVs and all Genright body armor.  When asked what she enjoys most about her Jeep, she said “I love my Jeep because I have met so many great people in the Jeep community. I am big into off-roading and love finding new places.”  Next on the wish list? Dana 60 axles and 40 inch tires.

Thanks for sharing, Kirstyn, and enjoy those New Hampshire leaf-peeping trail rides!


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