Doomsday Jeep

It’s ingrained in every Jeep owner.  You may deny it, but that’s why we call it denial. Somewhere in your brain is that thought of “when the crap hits the fan, I’ll be ready”. You have a Jeep, you can go anywhere.  Your friends and family will depend on you! Will you have everything you need when the time comes?  Here’s a look at some essentials for every bug-out Jeep.


skid platesIn a bug-out situation, 4-wheel drive capability is essential. There are many 4×4 options out there, but we’ll focus on the Jeep JK (cuz it’s the best, duh). Of course, when engaging your 4-wheel drive, you may encounter obstacles offroad that can damage your vehicle. If a rock pierces your oil pan a mile into your bug-out, you’re toast. Protecting your Jeep’s underbelly is crucial. You can cover your underside with armor, but I’d recommend starting with the oil pan plate (  Next, protect your differentials and fuel tank ( You can cover your vehicle in steel until your heart’s content, but these pieces focus on preventing debilitating damage to your Jeep’s function.


MT-R tire

Even the stock tires on your Jeep JK can take you places your neighbor’s Subaru can’t go. However, in a real bug-out, you need some serious strength in your tires. Those 4 pieces of rubber will be carrying you over an unpredictable range of obstacles. There are plenty to choose from – we shop at The Tire Rack (, and some more affordable than others. If you’re looking to go all out, try the Goodyear Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar or the Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs.  They both go for around $270 a piece in the 285/70/17 size. You can fit this size on a stock suspension, but probably not much bigger. If you have a lift and want to go bigger, you’ll have to pay up. However, as they say, size matters.  Of course you don’t want to re-mortgage your home to build your prepper vehicle, so you can save a bit on something like the Toyo Open Country AT2 (~$220) in the same size. Revolutionizing Tire Buying


A high-lift jack is crucial to have in the Jeep, especially if you’re running larger than stock tires.  More importantly, the terrain in a bug-out situation can be precarious and the extra height and heft can make all the difference if you’ve blown a tire.  It can also serve as a legit bludgeoning weapon if necessary!

Other must-have tools include a shovel (half-size spade should work) for digging the Jeep out of any potential sticky spots or for creating shelter on the run. A hatchet or machete are also handy for shelter-building, hunting, and of course self-defense. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that, but hey, preppers need to prep. A few space-efficient mounts exist for these bigger items. Smaller tools like ratchets, jumper cables, etc. can be stored in tailgate bags or over-the-seat bags to help keep everything together and prevent the trunk from getting crowded. You want to have the trunk available for food and clothes.


For everything we’ve already discussed, you but once and you’re all set. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for food, water, & fuel (FWF). You also can’t just waltz into a Stop & Shop during the chaos of a bug-out situation and go through your shopping list. You need to have food and water ready to go.  Ideally you can feed your family for at least a couple days while on the run. Water is tricky since it takes up an awful lot of space. Old reliable water bottles will work, but carrying a few extra gallons for cooking or emergency drinking can come in handy. Extra gasoline can take you a long way as well! I’d recommend an exterior-mounted Jerry can, which can hold gas or water.


turret gun

Finally, the fun stuff! Every prepper prays that self-defense won’t be necessary. However, bug-out situations are unpredictable and potentially life-threatening. Some of the tools listed above can serve as self-defense weapons, as mentioned. Every prepper needs a couple good knives for their utility and tactical uses. I have 3 in my Jeep right now (and I won’t tell you where they’re hidden!). Something you can reach while in the driver’s seat is important, in case you are approached by a hostile while operating the vehicle. Will you have a turret gun threw your roof? Probably not. Could you have a knife or handgun within reach? Much more feasible and easy to mount. Just make sure you have a license to carry before mounting firearms in your car! A second knife accessible from the tailgate is helpful. Now you have a weapon handy from the two places you’ll access your Jeep most often.

I hope this has been fun and helpful, and good luck to all you preppers out there! Be safe and be ready.


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