Terry from South Carolina (@my_jeep_build) – 2012 JK Sport

I can honestly say this is the first vehicle I’ve had that I cannot wait to drive. I love spending weekends working on it or spending time with a local Jeep club that a friend and I put together.


I work at an aluminum plant so I can get scrap metal pretty cheap. I like to try and make things for the Jeep myself. I made the rear bumper which turned out pretty nice, kind of plain but I like it. Also made a tonneau cover and grill insert myself.  The shifter knob is actually a NASA tool that I found in the scrap yard a few years ago. I held on to it until I found exactly how I wanted to use it. I really like the way it matches the grab handles.

The grab handles and mirrors are Carolina Metal Masters, and I really love these things. Kind of pricey but really nice product.

The fender flares are from Amazon and I painted them to match. I did the painting myself and am really happy with the way they turned out.


Soft Top: Bestop Trektop Nx

Front Bumper: DV8 stubby with Smittybuilt 9500 winch

Bartact seat covers (worth every penny!)

Headlights: Nightsun.

Tires: 33 inch MasterCraft MTX. The rims are Gear Alloys. (Shop for Tire & Wheel Packages at Tire Rack.)

Next up: Suspension!


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