Kenny from Massachusetts – 2015 JKU Sport

It’s all about the personal touches. I love my anvil color with black and red accents.  My seat covers are red. I plasti-dipped the Jeep logo, the tow hooks, and a gutter-guard grill insert all red.  I made tie-line grab handles in red and black.  It’s just enough!  Here are my favorite mods and a wish list, in no particular order:

    1. Radio Communications: I have a Midland 75 CB that I love. It runs to a firestik antenna, but can also be removed and powered by a battery pack and stubby antenna.  No frills and plenty of utility.  I mount it on the passenger side grab bar. I also run a Kenwood TM-281a ham radio, mounted over the rear-view mirror.  It’s a little heavy for the bracket (standard compact CB mounting bracket), and it was bouncing a lot on the road. I threw a couple zip ties up there and it’s fine now. The 2m ham antenna is mounted driver side, on a hood mount. I have 3 antennas on this thing, which is absurd but I love it.

    2. RED: As mentioned, most of the accents are red. Seat covers, plastic-dip everything, handles, and probably some things I’m forgetting about.

      All the plastic-dip and lights (and my wife’s Compass)
    3. Auxiliary Lights: I have auxbeam floods and spots mounted on the bumper and windshield, respectively.  The rocker switches are mounted in the commonly used A-pillar switch pod. I love this setup. I barely use them, other than for showing off or flashing my friends in the eyes, but they’re wicked fun.
    4. RIPP Supercharger Air Intake: This thing is awesome. I got it from a friend about a year ago.  Basically it just makes the Jeep louder, and you get a deep throaty sound while accelerating.  It’s just enough to make people think you’re going 100 mph when you’re really topping out at 65. Because that’s as fast as Jeep can go, obviously.
    5. Bestop TrekTop NX: Even before I owned the Jeep, I knew this was the top I wanted.  The fastback look adds a whole new level to the Jeep.
    6. Lift Kit: I installed a 2.5 inch Teraflex spacer lift, with 1.5 inch wheel spacers as well.  I also got new Teraflex 9550VS shocks, which are awesome.  I got all this done in one weekend, so I’ve been resetting the savings account for a bit.
Getting a little dirty (go Sox!)

Wish List

  1. Tires: I’m still running the stock 32s, and I’m getting close to 50,000 miles. Time for an upgrade.  I’m learning towards the Kumho Road Venture AT 51, in 315/70/17.  It’s a solid, affordable all-terrain tires, and it’s snow rated.  The snow handling is huge here in New England.
      • UPDATE 9/23/17: I got the Kumhos last week and love them! Write-up coming soon.  I got them from Tire Rack.

    Shop for Tire & Wheel Packages at Tire Rack.

  2. Bumper: The stock front bumper is fine, but once the tires get bigger and the body is lifted, it’s time for an aggressive looking bumper too.
  3. Winch: Of course! If you’re going to get a new bumper, it’s likely have a winch plate.  An empty winch plate is dumb. So I’ll just spend all my money again!

And that’s my Jeep. Hope you like it!

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